Monday, February 4, 2008


It was bound to happen sooner or latter, and hallelujah, it has.

The one-stop Dickshop is here!

That's right, baby.

Dickipedia - A Wiki of Dicks.

Naturally, The Dick

is a member.

Uh huh, he is.

To wit:

Early Life and Family - "In 1959, he matriculated to Yale University, where it was thought to be impossible to flunk out. After flunking out, Cheney returned to Wyoming in 1960. He ended up graduating from the University of Wyoming at the age of twenty-four, the perfect age for a young black man to serve his country in the army."

Cheney and the Draft - "Cheney received a “hardship exemption" in 1966 when he and his wife conceived their first child. By the next year, he was no longer eligible for the draft. It had been a long process, but Cheney learned a valuable lesson: if you get in a jam, you can usually get out of it by fucking somebody."

Vice President - "In 2006, Cheney shot his 78-year-old friend in the face while quail hunting -- a practice some call "an accident" and others call "good clean fun."

Future as Vice President - "One theory about why Cheney would care so little about nuclear war and the casualties it would cause is because, in fact, Cheney actually died several years ago, and is just too big of a dick to leave, instead simply willing his body to carry one through sheer dick will."

Now Dickipedia is short several prominent dicks.

Among them are:

Every single dick in this photo montage,




Well, OK, not that ^^^^ Tweety.


Now, we have many superbly talented peeps who comment here regularly.

You know exactly where this is going, yes?

So anyway, all you superbly talented peeps listen up!

Dickipedia needs your writing skill.

So stir up that gray matter and get busy.

Let the Dick-A-Thon begin!


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