Monday, February 11, 2008


So Beau here

taught me 3 things this weekend.

1. When pissed off, crying & hollering is self-defeating. All it does is make you snot. Instead, trot your ass outside, turn your face upward toward the sun, and occasionally, lick your balls. OK, so the ball-licking part is out, but the sun thingie is in.

2. If you arf, get somebody else to clean it up. Then drink lots of water.

3. If someone raises your hackles, listen to your hackles. They're there for a reason. Trust them.

OK, 4 things.

4. Piss on this asshole.

A campaign flyer for this ^^^^ asshat here was IN MY YARD when I got back from Dallas late last night.

Beau knows.

As soon as the front door was opened and freedom was at hand, Beau The Brilliant ran over to the flyer and promptly pissed on it.

Beau knows.

4. Piss on the asshole


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