Wednesday, October 24, 2007


So this couple in Montgomery, 'Bama, Adrian & Tiffany McKinnon, went away on vacation for a week.

When they got back home and walked in their house, they were stunned to find it had been thoroughly jacked.

Not only had their valuables been carted off, but the thief had been a veritable pig about the stuff he didn't steal.

The thief had emptied cabinets & drawers of EVERYTHING. Just emptied 'em right there on the floor. Piles & piles of stuff.

What had once been a nice home with nice stuff, now had become a nice home with the good stuff gone and the rest, well, like this.

Distraught, Adrian sent Tiffany over to her sister's while he continued surveying the mess.

As he turned to go into the sun room, he ran smack dab into a stranger.

Wearing Adrian's

on his thieving head.

Adrian grabbed his gun and pointed it at Stylin' Thief and made him sit on the floor while he decided what to do.

His solution?

Make the thief CLEAN UP THE MESS HE MADE while they were waiting for the police to arrive.


When said police got to the house, Stylin' Thief BITCHED to the police about being forced to CLEAN UP THE MESS HE MADE.


Sorry, folks, but if I had caught a thief wearing MY COWBOY HAT after he not only robbed me but had the AUDACITY to make a MESS out of MY CLEAN HOUSE, I would have popped his knees with my revolver AFTER he finished cleaning.

Drippin' Springs Sheriff's Department: "Ms. Hill, asshole thief there said you deliberately shot him in the knees."

Me: "Sheriff, he was wearing MY COWBOY HAT."


Me: "Gun accidentally discharged."

Drippin' Springs Sheriff's Department: "Happens sometimes with that particular make and model. You have yourself a nice day now, Ma'am, you hear?"




© 2007 HillCountryGal

Note: "Walking in a Hurricane." :)

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