Sunday, October 21, 2007



Yea! It's Monday.

Time for

The Adventures of Stupid Criminals.

So up in Akron these 2 dudes decided they really, really wanted $10 worth of candy.

Problem was, they were short $10.

Ah-ha. Problem solved.

They would rob a convenience store of $10 worth of candy.

That's like, what, about 10 candy bars, yes?

Anyway, they immediately encountered their first obstacle.

The weapon.

So I imagined what that conversation must have been like.

Dude #1: "You got a gun?"

Dude #2: "Nope."

Dude #1: "Knife?"

Dude #2: "Nope."

Dude #1: "Baseball bat?"

Dude #2: "Nope.

Dude #1: "Tire iron?"

Dude #2: "Negative."

Dude #1: "Killer fists?"

Dude #2: "Nope."

Dude #1: Snowball?"

Dude #2: "HELL yeah."

Which brings up something else, too.

How much of an out-n-out *pussy* do you have to be to be robbed at snowball-point?

Hell, if I had been the robbed clerk, I do believe I would have chewed off both my hands at the wrist to prevent my ass from dialing 911 to report that I gave it up because I got hit with a SNOWBALL.

Stay frosty, baby.


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Note: "Into the Night" - Chad Kroeger/Santana

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