Sunday, December 16, 2007


Those wily Japanese have done it again.

That's right, baby.

They've created something they claim has never been done before.

Wanna know what it is?

Oh, come on. You know you're just dying to know.

And if you're not?

Fuck it, I'm gonna tell you anyway.

Are you ready?

Japanese scientists have created a

genetically modified (DUH) mouse that is not afraid of a cat.

"Researchers at Tokyo University managed to turn off the receptors in a mouse's brain that react to the scent of its main predator.

They wanted to prove that fear is genetically programmed and not, as is commonly believed, the product of experience.

Instead of scurrying away or playing dead, the GM rodents were able to carry on as usual when coming face-to-face with a cat."

Yep, the Japanese scientists are BRAGGING that they've created a mouse that's not afraid of a cat.

You know, of course, that it's all bullshit, yes?

Hell, we all know a mouse that's NEVER been afraid of a cat.

As a matter of fact, the mouse in question takes great pleasure in tormenting the cat.

And he always, but always, bests that cat.

The Japanese can kiss my ass.

'Cause we've got


Oh yeah, one more thing.....

The Polka Dot Puss


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