Sunday, December 30, 2007


As 2007 winds down, I thought you might enjoy what was my most read post of the entire year.

And it has zero to do with the writing, either.

No shit now, this post, which ran on May 4 (I think) generated the most hits EVER here at HillCountry.

So here it is.

Oh yeah, remember to click on the pixs to enlarge.

OK, ladies and gents,


Y'all are familiar with the Dilbert comic strip, right?


The comic strip "decency police" struck again.

Here's the story in a nutshell.

Can I say that?

Why, yes, I can.

OK. So here's what happened.

Alice got a bad case of chair buttocks.

So Dilbert's creator, Scott Adams, submitted this.
Big deal, right?

Why, yes, it was a big deal.

See, the Dilbert editors felt that Alice's pose was a "MOUNT ME" pose.

Swear. Read it straight from Scott's place here.

So they sent it back with instructions to make it more of a medical thingie.

Scott did.

Here is his medical version of chair butt.


The editors did NOT think it was funny.

Shit, I do.

Anyway, here is the version that finally appeared in the papers.
So there you go. Chair Buttocks NON "MOUNT ME" version.



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