Sunday, January 20, 2008


Let me introduce you to Dean Hrbacek, repuke and former mayor of Sugarland, TX.

You guys remember Sugarland, yes?

Sugarland. Home to

So anyhoo, this Dean dude is among 10 repukes seeking the nomination to run against U.S. Rep. Nick Lampson, D-Stafford.

And in keeping with the repuke tradition we have all come to know so well, Dean has a new campaign brochure thingie going on. You know, his "record" speaks for itself yada yada. Refer to Photo 1.


Dean's photo in the brochure is, well, "altered" a tad.

That's his head in it, alright.

But the nice slim bod?

Oh, fuck no.

That's SOMEBODY ELSE'S BOD with Dean's head Photoshopped on it.

That's right, baby.

And you are not going to believe the excuse his campaign manager came up with when Dean was busted in his lie.

Get this.

"Hrbacek has been so busy meeting voters that he had no time to take a full-length, genuine photo for the political mailing," according to campaign manager Scott Broschart.

Too busy for a genuine photo.

Now by this time, you guys know me pretty well, yes?

And YOU KNOW I just had to find some photos of the real Dean bod.

I did.

Look at this lardass.

Left to Right, Jabba The Dean with asshat TX Gov. Rick "The Coiffure" Perry

There's an entire Flickr photo show of
*cough* "I am not a pig, I have thyroid probs" Dean right here.

Too busy for a genuine photo.




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