Wednesday, January 9, 2008


If you've been told your balls would gag the maggot or if your "downstairs" guest is a tad more discreet and simply sprays your nuts with Lysol Disinfectant or Renuzit when you drop your drawers, have I got the product for you!

No more awkward moments when your lover passes the fuck out from the funk of your nuts.

No more embarrassing episodes when your dog barfs when he gets a whiff of your boys.

Those days are gone, baby!

That's right, baby.

Nodoro, the stinky balls freshener.

Now, with Nodoro, you can smell as clean as a dude who actually showers regularly.

And, according to Nodoro's website, if your balls don't make your lover's eyes water and their gag reflexes go viral before getting within 10 feet of your nasty self, your sex life will improve.

So don't be shy. Shoo those buzzards away, pick up the phone and order some ball freshener.

Your entire neighborhood lover will thank you.



© 2008 HillCountryGal

Great Balls

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