Tuesday, January 1, 2008


I accidentally tasered

I did.

It was awful.

Well, for him, I'm pretty sure it was awful.

For me, it was, ah, how do I put this.....

Oh yeah, I know....


OK, here's what happened.

I was getting my nightly massage from Balless Bob. He was working those paws, too. I mean, he was pushing 'em hard into my back.


Beau barked at something he imagined was outside and I sorta raised my head to pretend I was vaguely interesting in his "watch dog" capabilities when Balless Bob stopped the massage.

I turned to look at BB and he walked up my back to about my shoulder blades and leaned his nose close to my hand.

So, naturally, I extended my fingers to rubs his ears.

Except I missed.

Remember how I said he been really massaging my back with those pushing the paws thingie?

Uh huh, you guessed it.

I touched the tip of his nose and a fucking spark from hell zapped him.

Static electricity, baby.

I mean, I SAW that blue electricity leap from the tip of my fingers to the tip of his nose.


He looked stunned for a second, then he FLEW off the couch and RAN outta the room.

Me: "BOB!!! I'm sorry. Come back!"

Me: "BOB! Get your ass back in here. You weren't finished with my massage."

Me: "I apologize, OK? Now get back in here."

Me: "Are you gonna make me beg? You are, aren't you, you little shithead."

Me: "BOB!!!!"

I've been looking for him for like 3 hours now. Still haven't found him. He's SOMEWHERE in this house.

I'm pretty sure I heard him telling Kitty,

"If she reaches out to pet your nose, fucking RUN!!"


OK, now lookie here.

Instead of posting the vid in the left hand corner like I usually do, gonna post this baby right here in the middle.

I gotta tell ya, I was over on YouTube for HOURS and came across this one that just utterly enchanted me.

Do yourself a big favor and watch and listen to the whole video.

You will almost be hypnotized.


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