Friday, January 25, 2008


So these 2 dudes in Australia were out hunting


That's right, baby. Croc eggs.

One of the dudes, Jason Grant, apparently never saw "Lake Placid" because he was, well, feeling around for the croc eggs in the murky water.

Sure enough, Mama Croc wasn't happy about her eggs getting stolen so she did what any pissed off Mama Croc would do.

She chomped down on Jason's arm.

Jason: "A croc's got hold of my arm. Shoot it!!!"

His bud Zac Fitzgerald did.


Jason: "The croc, you asshole!! The croc!!"

Jason is recovering in a hospital.

Jason and Zac must not be good friends, you know?

After all, really good friends

shoot each other in the face with buckshot all the time.

And the shootee fucking apologizes to the shooter.

Be a standup dude, Jason!

Apologize to Zac......

.....for having your arm in the bullet's path.


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