Thursday, January 10, 2008


You guys know that lots of movies and TV shows and such have been filmed in and around Austin, yes?

Best Little Whorehouse in Texas, Courage Under Fire, Lonesome Dove (TV miniseries), Miss Congeniality 1 and 2, Office Space, and Secondhand Lions are but a few of the ones filmed in this area. The complete list is here.

So my happy ass is beebopping along reading the local news when I stumbled across a sentence that stopped me cold in my tracks.

Go ahead, guess what it featured?

No, not that.


Filmmaking siblings Joel and Ethan Coen are set to make their goriest film ever — a Spaghetti Western featuring scenes of primitive torture methods. The brothers, whose notoriously gory new film “No Country for Old Men” has been tipped for Oscar glory, are desperate to make a film about the days of cowboys and Indians battling it out in the Wild West of America. But, as Joel warns, it won’t be one for the faint-hearted. He says, “We’ve written a western with a lot of violence in it. There’s scalping and hanging … it’s good. Indians torturing people with ants, cutting their eyelids off.” Ethan adds, “It’s a proper western, a real western, set in the 1870s. It’s got a scene that no one will ever forget because of one particular chicken.”

A chicken.

You guys KNOW how I feel about the nasty little fuckers.

Forget the primitive torture crap mentioned in the article.

This is what haunts me.

"It’s got a scene that no one will ever forget because of one particular chicken."

Hot wings?


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