Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Hill has no computer!!

I know we are all going through "Hill withdrawal" here in the Hill Country. But we're not the only ones. Check out who else is very, very sad about the lack of our daily Hill.

This kid from Dawson's Creek had a near meltdown when he logged onto Hill Country this morning.

This little girl was not only sad - but MAD as hell!! She said she ain't eating her peas until Hill is back online.

This woman (man? who the hell knows) can't take one more minute without Hill's videos.

Keith Olbermann is trying to be brave, but says he is so upset he may not be able to do his show this evening.

Even cartoon babies are freaking out!

When Britney Spears heard the news, she said "Now what the hell am I going to do to pass the time while I'm in rehab!?!?!"

This tragic young woman ruined her eye make-up!!

Even this fucker was sad. Wait..........I think those are crocodile tears.

Here's how he really feels. Don't let this asshat be happy geek squad!! Get Hill's computer fixed FAST!!

**Posted by C.J.

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