Sunday, January 6, 2008


...Hill Country version.

You guys know what a hammock is, yes?

I mean, is there anything that says "Lazy Sunday" more than a hammock?

You climb in, stretch out, maybe swing a little, maybe not, and you just kick back.

It's what Lazy Sundays are all about.

Well, we also have Lazy Sunday here.

You guys know what a pump house is, yes?


OK, I'll tell you.

It's nothing more than an enclosure to protect the water well pump from the elements like rain or freeze.

It's this.

The door on the pump house gets opened for one of 2 reasons.

1. You turn on the water faucet at the kitchen sink and no water comes out.


2. When a hard freeze is on the way, you check to make sure the light bulb in the pump house is on and working properly. It's nothing more than a tiny source of heat, which helps keep the pump house warm and not frozen solid inside. Frozen pump means no water in the house.

So, in keeping with the rules, Granny here went out to check the light bulb in the pump house the other day.

Opened the door (which had not been opened for MONTHS) and this is what I saw.

A hammock.

A fucking spiderweb hammock.

That's right, baby.

Lazy Sunday!

Nap, anyone?


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