Saturday, January 5, 2008


Listen up!

Make sure you don't read this post or look at the pix on an empty stomach, m'kay? Also, put down that cup of coffee or juice or whatever it is you're drinking right now.

Management will NOT buy you a new keyboard. Or a new monitor.

That being said, check this out.

So this dude and his cousin over in England were frying up some bread (yes, I know, but that's what the article says) when someone knocked on the front door. They went to answer the door and when they came back to the kitchen, well, the frying bread was on fire.

Dude: "Fire! Grab the extinguisher!"

Cousin: "You were too cheap to buy one."

Dude: "Baking soda!"

Cousin: "No can find."

Dude: "Mum's nasty big-arse knickers!"

Cousin: "Done!"

Why, yes, that's what these 2 grown men grabbed to beat out the grease fire.

Mum's giganto, crotch-stained knickers.

And Mum here was so proud they used her ratty underwear/horse blanket, she actually POSED for the camera with 'em.

Now, I'm not a rich woman. Not even remotely close.

But this I know.

When the crotch of the panties start looking like you've brewed coffee in 'em, it's time to THROW THEM AWAY.

String some paper towels together, whatever, but goodgawdalmighty, throw them nasty fuckers away!

Crumpets, anyone?


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