Saturday, November 10, 2007


So this asshole up in Connecticut (where Dubya is REALLY from) got like super drunk.

And the beer started talking to him.

It said, "Go ahead. You know you want to. Be a real man. Just do it."

He did.

What did he do?

Why, he called 911, YES, THE POLICE/FIRE EMERGENCY 911, and demanded they send over more

He didn't call once.

He didn't call twice.

He called, according to the article, "several" AND "numerous" times.

5-0 arrested him at his house.

After which, they transported his drunk ass to the hospital.

"Police did not say what he was treated for."


He was treated for chronic and severe Baka.


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Addendum: Hubby asked me what I was writing about and I synopsis-ed this story for him.

Hubby: "You know the song you have to use with it, right?"

Me: "Not really."

Hubby: "Get Down Brown's. Last Call."

Me: "OMFG!! I had forgotten about that!"

So back in the old days, the really, really old days, Hubby (pre-Hubby) and I used to go to this bar in Port Arthur called "Get Down Brown's." 2 things were a guarandamntee there.

1. You were gonna have a great time.

2. You were gonna stand up in the chairs or barstools during Last Call, raise your glass in the air and you WERE gonna sing this song. Yes, you and every other drunk in the place. Then you were gonna haul ass outta there BEFORE they turned the lights on and you went, "OMFG!!! You looked WAY better in the dark."


Hola, Get Down Brown's!

OK, so here it is.


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