Monday, November 26, 2007


Yes, I KNOW Turkey Day has come and gone, but this story just blew my socks off.

So get this.

This dude up in Minnesota....

Before we go there, lemme ask you something.

When you buy that turkey at your local grocery store, what size is it?

NORMAL peeps buy a 10-18 pounder.

Somewhere in that vicinity.

And after it thaws, you stick your hand up the turkey ass & pull out that whatever the hell that is, then you stuff it with dressing, then you pop that puppy in the oven, yes?


This dude up in Minnesota decided he was gonna one-up his sister and cook a REALLY big bird for T-Day.

He did.

Check this out.

That's an affirmative, baby.

A 72-POUND turkey.

"It exploded," exclaimed Rachel Portnoy, 17, after her father, Rich Portnoy, took his 72-pound dressed turkey out of the family's gourmet oven Thursday."

No shit.


Now is that just about the creepiest thing you've EVER seen or what???

That fucker's thighs are as BIG AS MINE!

Get that crap off the table and let's eat some

rice and beans, OK?


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Note: My MAN, Marc Broussard! Can he SING or what???

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