Thursday, November 1, 2007


So we're just kinda going to continue the theme from yesterday.

Well, the hair theme, anyway.

Before we get going here, let me just say

My scanner sucks ass, m'kay?

The smaller the pix, the more pixelated it scans.

And another thing.

I obviously have no pride OR dignity, either.

OK, let's rock.

The evolution of hair, Hill-style.

In the beginning...

Casual 2. All dressed up in a frilly girlie dress with my ass plopped down on a sidewalk.

Passport pix at 3 years old. Mama was PISSED OFF after the pix was taken and she THEN noticed my suspenders were crossed in front. No doubt she worked like a fiend trying to contain my hair in that barrette thingie.

9 here, holding my baby brother.

(Obviously, I was overcome with joy about having my pix taken, too)

Ah, yes, 16 years old, not allowed to wear one iota of any makeup whatsoever, not a dab of mascara, not even lip gloss.

I wonder how long it took me to make my hair this board straight? Likely HOURS.

At 21. Have NO IDEA what possessed me to put those light streaks in my hair. I don't think it was Halloween. And who the hell took this pix????

The Shag cut.

What.The.Fuck.Was.I.Thinking????? Why, yes, I got my naturally curly AND wavy hair permed in one of those spiral curl perms.


I have NO IDEA who this dude was, but obviously, he said something I found hifuckinglarious!!

Me and Captain Ron.

Even when I tried to tame it, out of control hair. All over the place.

Hell, yeah, I'm ladylike. Why do you ask?

Bar none, my absolute FAVE haircut EVER!

And yes, that is one long curly strand of hair amidst the shortest haircut in the history of Hill hair.

So now it's YOUR turn.

Post some pixs of your evolving hairstyles.

Dudes, that goes for you, too.

I wanna see.

Do it!


© 2007 HillCountryGal

Note: November, baby. WooooHoooo!

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