Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Ah, yes, another day, another outrage....

Today, my friends, we are going to do something constructive around here...for a change.

We're gonna help the Whitewood, S.D. City Council rename a street.

Uh huh, we are.

See, up in Whitewood, population 800 give or take, a brouhaha is underway about the name of a street there.

Leading the charge is the Rev. David Baer, who is HIGHLY offended that one of the streets in Whitewood is named HOOKER St.

That's right, HOOKER St.

Nevermind that it's named after a Union general, General Joseph "Fighting Joe* Hooker.

HOOKER ANYTHING simply won't do. Well, they do, but you know....

So we're gonna offer our assistance to the Whitewood City Council.

We're gonna help 'em rename that pesky street.


Now, I've taken the liberty of coming up with a couple of new street names.


I'm not gonna be selfish about this.

I'm gonna enlist YOU in this effort.

So, here are the choices.

Vote and vote often. Just pretend you're in Texas or something...

And when the final results are in, I will PERSONALLY contact the Whitewood City Council with the results.

You KNOW I will, don't you?

HELL yes.

Anyhoo, let's rock!



© 2007 HillCountryGal

Note: Private, yes?

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