Tuesday, November 6, 2007


So before we get started on today's Bullshit by Hill, I want to show you 3 pixs, all taken by my daughter-in-law, The Beautiful Elena.

Yes, she took them all, including the last 2 (self-timer thingie on the camera).

So this first one is the firing up of a hot air balloon on Halloween night.

My son Joe & his gorgeous family.

My son Joe & his nerd family.


OK, post time.

Now if you want to have some fun after reading this post today, try using The Dialectizer, with a h/t to voxd for showing the way.


Let's rock!

So this dude up in Memphis, Tennessee, (Hola Hillbilly!) started his day off by crashing his car into a pole.

That pretty much sucks ass, yes?

It gets better. Well, it gets better for us laughing at his ignorant ass.

Car-crash-into-pole dude then goes to this house and proceeds to bang on the window.

No answer, so he kicked in the window.

And was promptly and without fanfare shot by the homeowner.

End of story?


Somehow, he dropped his pants when he got shot (don't ask, the article didn't say), and proceeded to make his way, bleeding, of course, to a McDonald's, where he threw a rock through the front window.

He then ordered something to eat and was sitting in McDonald's enjoying his "Happy Meal" when the police arrived.

He was easy to identify.

He was the one dressed only in a shirt & undershorts.

With a bullet hole in him.

And a fucked up car down the road somewhere.

No word on whether the undershorts were briefs or boxers.


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