Sunday, November 11, 2007


So today I'm gonna do something just a little bit different around here.

Well, you'll see.

Do any of you know who this man is?
His name is Henry Maske.

I'm not a big boxing fan, but Maske's story is compelling and strangely beautiful, and I find myself drawn to it.

Maske was an East German, and was a five-time boxing champion of East Germany. He also won the gold medals at the 1988 Summer Olympics and the 1989 World Amateur Boxing Championships in Moscow and the silver medal at the 1986 World Amateur Boxing Championships in Reno.

When the Berlin Wall came down, Maske turned professional, and became world title holder (IBF) in the light heavyweight category, defending his title eleven times between 1993 and 1996.

In November, 1996, Maske fought his last bout against the American champion Virgil Hill. It was to be his final, glorious goodbye before retirement summoned him.

As Maske entered the arena one last time, Andrea Bocelli and Sarah Brightman began singing this song, rewritten for him.

The arena, packed to capacity, exploded in thunderous applause.

Maske boxed.

He lost, on points, his final fight.


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