Saturday, November 3, 2007


So this is how I spent my afternoon.

Oh, before we get rocking here, I had to split "THE FESTIVAL" into 2 posts, this one and the one directly below it. So after you read this, head down for Part 2.

OK, Festival time.

This was my grandson Jake's first school festival.

And yes, there are cowgirls in Texas.

Sponge toss (duh) in SpongeBob's open mouth.

Ah, the "NOSEPICK."

So this one you like stick your hands up in his big nostrils and dig around for gold? Anyhoo, I asked the grandsons did they want to pick the nose?
Grandsons: "Nuh uh, Grandma." Cool, let's go.

The belly dancing real estate agent. What? You don't have one of these at your elementary school festival?

Funnel cakes!!!

I get distracted easily.

Jake, 5, Festival Boy.

Baby brother Troy, 3.

Grandma hugs.

Grandma kisses.

Action shot.

Don't ask.

I won't tell.

Yes, we're in Texas. We have horseback rides at school festivals.


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