Thursday, November 8, 2007


I have such an exciting weekend planned.

OK, so here's what my weekend is gonna consist of.

1. Flu Shot

2. Haircut

That's it.

Oh, and I have to dust the cobwebs off my "Buns Of Steel" killer exercise tape and get busy.

Well, I did put my mountain bike up for the season and you know, don't want the junk hanging down to my knees, so "Buns Of Steel" time it is.

Speaking of, "Buns Of Steel" caused my oldest grandson, Alex, 14 now, incredible anguish and embarrassment when he was 13.

Here's what happened.

He was spending the week with Grandma and after playing outside all day long, he came in and asked if he could look for a movie to watch.

I'm like, yeah sure, you know where they are, go pick out one.

So he sat down in front of the DVD/tape cabinet thingie and started pulling 'em out, one by one, looking to see if anything sparked his interest.

One did.

Alex: "GRANDMA!!"

Me: "What?"

Alex: "Grandma, THIS!"

Me: "Yeah. So?"

Alex: "Grandma, it's BUNS OF STEEL."

Me: "Yeah. So?"

Alex (face getting all red & shit): "GRANDMA!!!

Me: "What??"

Alex (ears getting red now): "Grandma, you have one of THOSE movies!"

At that instant, it dawned on me what he THOUGHT I had.


Me: "Hey, Alex, wanna watch it with me?"

Alex: "Gawd, Grandma, NO!!!"

Me: "Oh, come on, boy, you might get a kick out of it."

Alex: "Grandma, NO!!"

I walked over & popped it in the DVD player. He had his hands covering his eyes.

Me: "Alex. Open your eyes."

Alex: "Grandma, NO!!"

Me: "Alex, open your eyes."

He did.

L-O-N-G pause.

Alex: "Grandma, that's an EXERCISE TAPE!"

Me: "Un huh. Wha'd you think it was?"

Alex: "Uh, I thought it was an exercise tape."

Yeah, right.


Buns Of Steel, baby!

So what are your weekend plans?

Tell me!


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Note: Hold on to those dreams, baby!

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